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Playground Planning: The Definitive Guide to Planning a Commercial Playground for Your Church, School, Daycare, Neighborhood, or Public Park

Whether it’s a church playground, school playground, daycare, or a neighborhood public park, each outdoor playground requires... 

5 Ways to Save Thousands When Buying Your Playground Equipment

Stretching your playground equipment budget: Buying playground equipment requires a wealth of resources including funds and... 

How To Compare Playground Designs

Comparing your playground designs Be sure your playground incorporates as many play experiences as possible.  Remember,... 

Playground Planning: Include These “7 Zones” To Create a Balanced Playground Environment

Before choosing the actual layout for your playground, it’s helpful to have an overall plan or design for the placement... 

14 Layout Considerations for your Playground Design

1. Organize zones to facilitate play and minimize conflicts, e.g. locate quiet play areas away from active spaces 2. Provide... 

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New York Halcyon Hill Foundation Grants

New York Halcyon Hill Foundation Grants

The foundation makes grants in Rochester NY for the following: • to ensure the well-being of young children, including their education  • arts activities for preschool-aged children
• health and prevention projects  • projects that support innovative social change for young children.  The foundation requests that applicants submit a brief letter of inquiry (at any time) stating the purpose of the grant and the amount requested.  Grants range from $250 to $25,000 each.  The Foundation will invite full proposals based on the letters submitted. Company website is